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by ~DJelli

Blutengel - A New Dawn.

I`m driving on an endless road.
Searching for my future.
I leave my home, I leave my past.
Just to search for something new.
I escape from the world of sadness.
I try to become a better man.
Feel like a soldier in a useless war; trying to survive.

I want to reach a new horizon.
I want to try to touch the sky.
I don`t want to turn back anymore.
I leave my memories behind.

Like a phoenix from the ashes.
My life will shine, again.
I`m burning down my past; I was solitary man.

I am waiting for a new dawn, but tomorrow never comes.
I waste my years, I waste my future.
I am trapped inside this time.

© Hoshino Katsura | used from Minitokyo

© Hoshino Katsura | used from Minitokyo

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